Assisted Living Facility
located in Murdock, MN

Gabriel House, LLC
116 Schaaf Street
Murdock, MN 56271

Phone: 320-875-4515

Welcome to Gabriel House!

Gabriel House is an assisted living facility located in the charming town of Murdock, Minnesota. Gabriel House is situated on a spacious lot bordered by trees and an agriculture field, giving it the feel of living in the country. The fresh air, the sounds of the school band playing at the football games and listening to the church bells and chimes add to the charm of Gabriel House. The large yard lends itself to bird watching or just relaxing on the patio and enjoying the flower garden. From time to time deer can even be seen browsing in the treeline.

Meals are prepared in one of two kitchens, and on holidays, perhaps, from both kitchens! Flavorful and nutritious meals are served in the homey dining area. The menu consists of homemade meals, reminding you of Mom's cooking! Daily snacks are served and occasionally a tea party is held.

Gabriel House boasts two living rooms, great for reading, watching TV or conversing with fellow residents and friends. Because staying close to loved ones is so important, frequent family visits are welcomed and encouraged. Pastors, priests and church groups are always welcome.

Activities take place in our large bright activity room, complete with a handicap accessible bathroom. Ideal for games and crafts, there is room for several activities at once.

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116 Schaaf Street Murdock, MN 56271 | Phone: 320-875-4515

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